Code of Conduct

All members must read and understand the Xbox Live disclaimer.

  1. WWAR is a mature gaming community. There will be no discrimination, racism, or sexism. There is to be no obnoxious behavior, “trash talking” or cannibalism allowed.
  2. Cheating* of any form will not be tolerated.
  3. All members shall treat others and the community with respect regardless of rank and also other players.
  4. Members will not initiate offensive behavior but have the right to defend themselves.
  5. All members will display a professional demeanor at all times. You represent WWAR.
  6. We have an “open door” policy for all members to discuss any and all issues that cannot be solved fairly through the Chain of Command.
  7. All members must register at and keep their profile current and maintained.
  8. Our policy is Quality over Quantity as we only want what is best for our community.
  9. Remember to keep the vision alive and to have fun!

*Please see General or Above for details.