About Us

Welcome to our website! Waging of War (WWAR) is a mature gaming community based on Xbox Live. WWAR was founded on Halo 2. One of the creators was WWAR Baddawg. He took over the community for many years. He was the glue to this community. In October of 2015 he passed the torch down in hopes of keeping his vision for WWAR going for years to come. Since WWAR was created we have branched out to a variety of games. We all come together on Sundays for a weekly meeting to discuss everything going on in the community.

We have an organized ranking structure, starting out at Recruit and going up to Council, with a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities for every rank. There is a higher rank, which is Creator, it is attainable if appointed by current members of that rank.

Everyone in this community has their general rights. Despite your rank you cannot be forced or belittled. We have a brief Code of Conduct we keep to and if rules are broken then perhaps the person who broke them is not meant for this community.

Any and all questions can be brought forth to any member in WWAR. If you desire to join WWAR please send a member a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Rest in Peace, Baddawg.